Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pattern and tutorial of cute dog are arrived!

In my previous post, I write that i will make a pattern of my dog felt. And... here is it! It's simple to make, but still look cute. Is'nt it ? :p

I just cut the patern, than I sew it and make a little hole in the bottom of it and stuff getting stuff with fiber fill. than close the hole (sew it). After that, I glue all of the another parts of felt, like it white fur, eyes, nose, necklace and~~ the tongue! (I little bit lazy to sew so I prefer to glue it :p)

The tricky part to put the tongue, just glue on the "side" of felt and glue to the dog. See this pic ^^

To download it, just use right click at the image than save that.
If you have to make it, contact me, or you can give the link in comment place. I want to see it (^0^)/ and I think that my dog want to see more of it clones.
(sorry for my english ^_^')


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